Learning from the Past so that we are not condemned to repeat it’, is an innovative ICT-based participatory community heritage project, designed to engage both adults and young people in European cultural heritage. The aim of the project is to develop value and appreciation of European cultural heritage in relation to social cohesion, in particular to the value of human rights, equality, diversity and peace.

This project will expand, transfer and implement Global Link’s innovative heritage learning practices with transnational partners in Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany and Italy.

The aim is to research and document histories relating to ordinary people’s struggles for peace and a growing sense of connectedness with the international community. These activities range from ‘no more war’ demonstrations, to peace and global citzenship education in schools, to the establishment of local League of Nations (the precursor to the United Nations) groups. Global Link has created an interactive Online Map documenting these activities, focusing primarily on activities in the UK. The map can be seen here.

Learning from the past is a KA2 Erasmus+ Project that aims to promote
the European values of internationalism, equality and human rights.