Wise Words From Morecambe

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Dickie Siddle recalls his happy early and teen age years making the most of Morecambe’s amazing array of entertainments and facilities.

Colin recalls the excitement of watching huge bands in Morecambe including The Cream and The Who. He also reminisces about the ‘disco tech’ pub era and the local cafĂ© bars.

Morecambe lad Golly (Steve) Goulding’s life has been moulded by playing electric guitar and dealing in antiques. With restless feet Golly moved from band to band starting in 1962, and he is still playing today!.

Alvin Atkins was band leader on Morecambe’s central pier from 1948 until 1965. In this interview with 6th formers from Morecambe Community High school, Alvin talks about his musical training, and the unique and often amusing experiences he had as band leader.

Ethel Booth reminisces about fond memories of dancing at Morecambe’s central pier ballroom in the 1950’s.

At a Who concert in January 1967 at Morecambe, Mike Dickinson, was the guitarist playing with the support band. After their set, he was collared by Roger Daltrey – “Pete hasn’t turned up, would you stand in for him”!!!

Joe Maclea.

Mike Fountain was Eric Morecambe’s chauffeur for many years. Mike recalls the great times they had together, the many places he took Eric, and the fond memories he has of him.

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