The WorKit project helps refugees and migrants improve their language and employment-specific skills to increase their chances of finding and keeping a job. The project provides individuals and organisations with a Job Language Kit – an easy-to-use set of tools that contains language learning materials, tips on how and where to look for a job and information about the UK labour market system.

The kit includes a workbook with practice exercises, a phrase fan which translates job related words and phrases into eleven commonly used languages in the UK, a iphone/ipad app that translates words and phrases, and a road map to help individuals navigate the various processes from starting to look for a job, through to starting work.

Project dissemination started by partnering with Global Link Lancaster, City of Sanctuary (Lancaster), and Red Cross (Preston), and using their networks to spread the message.

Following completion of the products in early 2017, we delivered a number of local workshops and three multiplier events to introduce organisations across the north west region, to the WorKit tool kit.

Via these workshops and multiplier events, we have distributed 175 packs of WorKit resources, and reached at least 38 local and regional organisations. Local statutory agencies including Job Centre + as well as various other Local Authority departments have shown particular enthusiastic engagement.

The overwhelming reaction to the presentations has been positive and people are very happy that the materials are accessible in a number of pertinent languages, and the layout of the workbook, and phrase fan is very logical and simple to follow.

Feedback indicates that Workit kits are already being used in more than 30 locations throughout the region, and at September 2017 we are still being contacted by new organisations.

We will continue to disseminate the WorKit project for as long as people are requesting information, so please contact us if you would like a WorKit tool kit.